Saturday, September 12, 2009

i missed you, project runway

So I just watched three episodes of Project Runway in a row.  The really disturbing thing is that I haven't been watching regularly enough that I would have three episodes to watch. 

Project Runway carries with it a certain degree of awesome.  It's always going to be fun, but some seasons are better than others.  Personally, my favorites were season three (Jeffrey Sebelia) and four (Christian Siriano).  I've picked the winner every season I've watched, and really love getting pissed off at the judges.  I still haven't forgiven them for auf'ing season three's Allison:

And she was so sweet too!

My early favorites are Ra'mon and Shirin.  The show feels a little different now that it's moved to Lifetime, but I'm just glad it's back.  This season hasn't really yielded too much wow, but I was hooked enough to watch three episodes in a row.  
Maybe this can be part of Paul learning fashion? A Project Runway tutorial?
Also, Chinese baby sting was a go and the recording is amazings.  That's right, amazings.  Plural.

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Paul Gowder said...

I saw an episode of Project Runway once. It had a cute little Asian girl from MIT who had designed some outfit relying heavily on magnets. And I thought "she's so cute and awesome that she should win and then she should elope with me." Then she lost. That very show.

I could probably recover enough from that trauma enough to see more episodes. Probably.