Saturday, September 19, 2009

you're moderately attractive

wat do you think of my pics

umm... you're moderately attractive?

i am looking for friends and fun too..nothing serious

i don't put much stock in these things

yea...i am here for fun as well..

i mean in appearances
i care more about other things

true what?

kindness, intelligence
sense of humor

i am the man!

you are a man

yes i m

Since when is "you're moderately attractive" a compliment? That's not me complimenting your appearance.  It's me trying to get out of the question because you're just kind of eh appearance-wise.  If you're not ugly then I just say you're moderately attractive to not be a bitch.  Why do people ask me what I think of their "pics" anyway? What am I supposed to say to that? "Ur realy hawt"?  Come on!


Paul Gowder said...

This! This! This is why the only way I could read Steven was by camping him way the hell up!

See, this is basically how I see the Steven attitude. The "wat do you think of my pics" guy is basically the same as the "hey you, bedroom, now" guy, in terms of totally incomprehensible mating strategies.

And like the Steven-type, people like this guy must succeed sometimes too, or this strategy must weed itself out. But whyyyyyyyyyyyyyy does this succeed?!

Rebecca said...

I saw this article today and thought of you: