Monday, October 19, 2009

i've been bad again

I know.  Sometimes I just get into a routine where I don't blog, but I'm on the mend.  I'm blogging right now, aren't I?

The kittens are still lovey.  Basket is purring on my chest as I'm typing this.  Trollop is still giving kitten hickeys.  That's going to to be awkward/cuter when he's older.  They now meow to be picked up.  I've never seen a cat do this.  Most cats I've encountered won't even let you pick them up.  They're so good.  I love them.

The "at least you're not this guy from okcupid" guy messaged me today to ask why he didn't have a girlfriend.  Yeah.

We all seem to be in our own little fish bowl.  We don't know how our actions affect the people around us.  Some of us are better than others, but we're all largely pretty clueless.  (SIDENOTE: I don't understand fish as pets.)  There are even guys on okcupid who tell women they're naturally inferior to men and then don't understand why said women aren't standing in line to date them.  Like we're all in some mystery novel looking for clues to understand the conundrum.

But in every relationship we all have moments where we ask, "What am I doing wrong?" Like, "What am I doing that is making her/him so mad?" I've always thought that you can't really be mad at people for things they don't do on purpose, but I've come to amend that.  You can blame people for not making the slightest effort to not be a douchebag.  But what if we're the douchebags? And there are people out there thinking that about us? I guess everyone is someone else's douchebag.  I don't like to think about how many ex's I have floating around out there that have every reason to hate me.  I don't even like the word douchebag.  It's kind of gross.

Trollop is suckling on me now.  He's so content.

I wish all love could be pure like love for kittens.


Paul Gowder said...

Cuter? There is no way that Trollop, or, indeed, anything in the world, could be cuter than he is now. There ARE laws of physics to take into consideration here, you know..

Rebecca said...

bwaaaah. you are so precious. and by you, i of course mean the kitten.

alphafemme said...

don't we all wish that all love could be pure like love for kittens?

I certainly do.